Demo Air Booking Engine:


  • Can the flight search engine be integrated with our website?
    We provide a search widget that is integrated on client website (ITbyus WordPress Websites too) and then results and booking flow is on our servers. We can completely brand the website to meet client look and feel.
  • The ability to adjust pricing on every carrier for a particular fare departing Australia to any overseas city.
    Yes, our Rules engine will provide for this and a lot, lot more options.
  • The ability to promote a single fare ie from Australia to a nominated city overseas. 
    We have several such ‘Deep Linking’ options
  • Which GDS has metasearch integration in place?
    Sabre, TravelPort & Amadeus
    Amadeus may have additional fees based on their local market. The costs are charged by the suppliers and not Odysseus. Of course our agreements will state this but best to be safe when introducing clients to the products.
  • Low Cost Carriers?
    Yes, through Amadeus & Sabre  (subject to your arrangement with them). Our Rules engine will allow mark-up, Mark-downs, Service fees, Exchange Rates & Credit Card fees and a lot, lot more options.
  • Customer database that can be easily integrated and automated for edm promotions following a flight booking.
    We have a very light customer CRM and we do have some ability to setup automatic emails to clients based on booking status and what not – but that’s not via an admin interface and is driven via support requests and our team does the setup.
  • Technology that is competitive on flight metasearch sites and proven?
    Competitive – this varies by prices the agency has access to and markups added.
    We are integrated with multiple meta search engines:


You can also go to or and do a search from US to Asia or Europe and you will see a few of our clients.